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What has PIA accomplished?

With PIA's training and support, local people have achieved significant changes in their communities. See below for summaries of our accomplishments.

For a complete list of PIA's accomplishments through 2007, click here 

Creating Affordable Homes

  • 2007 Organized Pacifica residents to increase affordable housing, leading to ordinance requiring 15% of new housing to be available at below market rates and Pacifica joining the Housing Endowment and Regional Trust of San Mateo County.

  • 2007 Organized residents of Daly City to increase affordable housing leading to passing of ordinance requiring a percentage of new housing to be available at below market rates.

  • 2007 Held public meeting attended by 200 people seeking increased number of units of affordable housing in the City of San Mateo which helped lead to the creation of hundreds of units of affordable housing at the former Bay Meadows site.

  • 2006 Opportunity Center of the Mid-Peninsula opened with 89 units of low cost family housing and full range of services for people at risk, including on-site mental health services. Effort to build the center was launched and supported by PIA.

  • 2005 Helped five additional cities join the Housing Endowment and Regional Trust (HEART), bringing total members to 16 out of the 19 cities in Santa Mateo County

  • 2003 Gained $2 Million for Opportunity Center for homeless services and housing

  • 2002 Gained $5 million for new trust fund for affordable homes in San Mateo County

  • 2002 Won $18 million for Santa Clara County Office of Affordable Housing

  • 2001 Passed Jobs-Housing Linkage Fee in Mountain View

Creating and Preserving Health Care  

  • 2007 Brought together 600 residents of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties to seek support from supervisors from both counties to improve access to health care for all residents of both counties.

  • 2007 Worked with San Mateo County healthcare system to raise the qualifying ncome level allowing more people to participate in County healthcare.

  • 2007 Led San Mateo County to disband overly stringent WELL program and replace it with more efficient Access and Care for Everyone (ACE) program to serve more people.

  • 2007 In Santa Clara County, launched a county-wide Health Care Solutions Task Force.
  • 2007 Through PICO National Network, influenced United States Congress to pass an expanded reauthorization of the State Children Health Insurance Program legislation.
  • 2007 Collaborated with local children’s health initiatives to press California state legislators to protect children’s programs from budget cuts.
  • 2007 Held public meeting with over 500 people, in collaboration with sister our organization in San Jose, to gain commitments from Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors to expand health care services.
  • 2006 Collected 12,000 signatures to put the Children's Health Initiative on the November ballot .
  • 2005 Won $5.8 million in federal funds for the San Mateo County health system and deliver respiratory devices to the county. To see more click here.
  • 2004 Saved Health Plan of San Mateo which serves 57,000 low-income county residents.
  • 2003 Expanded dental clinic services in northern Santa Clara County.

Fair and Humane Immigration

  • 2008 Formed ongoing citizen development program to assist qualified residents in becoming active United States citizens.
  • 2007 Gained commitment from San Mateo County sheriff to remain independent of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
  • 2007 Held public meeting in Mountain View attended by 600 people in response to arrest of youth minister.
  • 2007 Collaborated with six organizations in the PICO National Network and with a Spanish language media corporation to help qualified immigrants throughout the Bay Area become active United States citizens.
  • 2007 Organized public response against raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and began seeking fair and humane immigration policies


Protecting Renters

  • 2002 Saved 68 units of low cost housing at Runnymede Gardens in East Palo Alto
  • 2002 Saved 300 low-income units for renters at O'Keefe Apartments in East Palo Alto
  • 2001 Passed ordinance in Palo Alto requiring landlords to participate in mediation with tenants

Strengthening Public Safety

  • 2008 Gained commitment from East Palo Alto officials to install sidewalks on the 25% of city streets that currently lack sidewalks
  • 2006 Passed local tax measure to raise $1.5 million for youth violence prevention in East Palo Alto
  • 2006 Placed East Palo Alto parcel tax on November ballot with 50% of revenue allocated youth violence prevention
  • 2005 Formed city-wide organizing committee to respond to violence in East Palo Alto
  • 2004 Improved traffic safety in Daly City
  • 1998 Increased sheriffïs patrols in East Palo Alto

Improving Education/Addressing Youth Needs

  • 2008 Youth of East Palo Alto bring together 200 community residents to seek sidewalks and other improvements in their city.
  • 2007 Began training youth to organize for change in their communities.
  • 2007 First public forum sponsored by youth in PIA. Over 250 Mountain View residents united to seek new teen center for city.
  • 2006 Passed local tax measure to raise $1.5 million for youth violence prevention in East Palo Alto

  • 2005 Raised awareness of public transportation needs for youth in Pacifica

  • 2004 Prevented closure of Castro School

  • 2002 Improved Castro School Dual Immersion program
  • 2001 Started Spanish-language parenting education program in Mountain View-Los Altos high schools
  • 1998-2000 Opened four homework centers in San Mateo and Palo Alto

Faith Reflections on PIA's Work